What are fonts ?


Fonts have an important role in producing a design, both for offset design and screen printing design because fonts are a visual form that is sounded as verbal communication needs. While the study of fonts and the use of fonts in application design is called typography. Typography plays a very big role in design. In almost every graphic design material, there is typographic art in it. Because typographic art is a work or design that uses letter arrangement as the main element. In typographic art, the meaning of letters as a symbol of bias can be ignored. Art is the parent of graphic design. In the world of Graphic Design, Typography is a discipline specifically in graphic design that learns about the ins and outs of letters (fonts). Fonts can create certain impressions according to the theme of the publication.

Font type

With the rapid development of technology in the world of digital printing and digital communication, the world of font technology has taken a big step with the emergence of innovative letter designs and has enriched the world of visual communication design. The font types are Font Type 1 and Post script, Truetype, Multiple Master Fonts, Unicode Fonts, Opentype and Truetype Open and Worldtype. There is no reason that can underlie we must use one type specifically, because there is no problem if we combine it in one system but there are some things that must be considered when the combination of these font types is put together namely when we enter the same font name for both types fonts because of this it will confuse us to choose a name and confuse the printer to choose which postscript to use.

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4 types of fonts that are most often used in digital writing


popular_serif_fonts- 680x350

Serif is a basic type of font in the world of typography, because it has an elite bow or a small scratch at the end of each letter.
The elite bow is believed to make the eyes more comfortable when seeing a large number of letters.
That is why this type of font is often used by many professionals, ranging from the affairs of writing e-mail to designing professionally.
The types of serif fonts commonly used are: georgia, times new romance, rockwell, perpetua, and similar letters.

San Serif font

popular_sans_serif_fonts-680x350 2

the san serif font is the opposite of the serif font type. The word “San” itself has meaning without or not.
This means that the serif font type is a type of font that doesn’t have an elite bow or a small scratch at the end of each letter.
This font type is commonly used by professionals to convey presentation ideas, scientific papers or when writing books. This is because the design of the san serif is standard, so it gives the reader a neutral impression.
The types of san serif fonts commonly used are: tahoma, univers, arial, arrial regular, arial black, and similar letters.

Script Font

Font type script is a font that prioritizes the impression of feeling to its readers.
This font type has distinctive features such as human writing in general, such as writing from chalk, calligraphy writing, or even children’s writing.
The types of san serif fonts commonly used are: comic sans, mistral, lucinda, monotype, brush script, and similar letters.

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Decorative Fonts

This font is also known as the display font and ornamental font. This type of decorative font has high natural ornamental characteristics, so it will be very suitable if used as a tag line or title.
However, because the high ornamental type of font is not suitable if used as body copy, because it will make the existing letters collide with each other or not clearly legible.

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