Top Six Most Popular Scrapbooking Fonts for Journaling

A scrapbook layout is undeniably a work of art, whose theme reveals great life moments and unforgettable memoirs. It is like having your life experience in a hard copy or printout, with every piece of embellishment, patterned paper and text, serving as your own memory and telling the story.

Indeed, scrap booking remains popular because a hobbyist is served with many options and is given an array of choices when it comes to themes, accessories and means of preserving old or new photos. Meanwhile, not everyone is satisfied with just a number of pictures.


For some, the best scrapbook page layout is one that relates stories, sentiments, feelings and thoughts. There is nothing better to write your story than scrap booking and commonly used journaling fonts. For it is the phrase and titles that give scrap booking a different approach.

Completion with the use of words – this is what journaling aims for. For a scrap booking fan, whatever works for a page is definitely advice to follow. You may be playing with the idea of presenting your kid’s summer escapade by means of a layout that features her writings and poems, or you may be trying to impress your loved one by giving him a letter that you personally wrote.

Well, these ideas are attainable because of scrap booking fonts, and below are some samples of top journaling fonts:

Century Gothic This is a mono type classic font. This is characterized as semi-formal and is definitely comprehensible. Writing out phrases and titles using this font is truly advisable. It can also add a classic ambiance to any layout featuring not-so-formal events or occasions.

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Pen Style This attractive script is perfect for titles, names and signatures. It is neat and well-written, thus making it perfect for traditional wedding layouts even cards and invitations. Poems of love and letters are also written best in Pen Style journaling font.

P22 Cezanne Have you ever heard of one artist named Paul Cezanne? Well, you can now use this beautiful handwriting font in your scrapbook pages and layouts. It is ideal for titles, text, names, short messages and other types of journals. Plus, its classic touch of sophistication and elegance makes anyone’s page instantly standout.

Times New Roman This is another mono type font. This font firstly appeared in the 1930’s and is still continuing to influence reports, essays and written works of relative format. Times New Roman is also perfect in creating phrases and titles meant for simple or traditional layouts. Great samples would be babies, heritage and family layouts.

Bradley Hand This is another type of handwriting-based font. Just like the others, this font is ideal in making formal and semi-formal page layouts. From weddings, teens, heritage to family vacations and Christmas themed layouts, one can definitely send their innermost thoughts and feelings by means of Bradley Hand.

Curly Fonts To add wit and playfulness in every Kids or Babies’ layout, no script is better than Curly Fonts. It gives your page that inquisitive look at the nature of sons and daughters, while they are taking a dip in their Grandfather’s pool or having a sip of their favorite lemonade.

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The idea of curly fonts is also perfect in creating your own scrapbook pages, wherein you can remember your own tea parties with childhood friends.

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