How To Optimize Website Speed

How To Optimize Website Speed

How To Optimize Website Speed – Guidelines to speed up your website 2019 – Learn how website speed optimization, Do you know if a website that is fast access can make visitors feel at home? In other words, visitors will be happy to search our articles and this greatly affects the Bounce rate on our website.

Bounce rate itself is a benchmark where visitors feel at home on our website. The lower percentage means that visitors really enjoy the articles that we provide or you can say they get information that can be obtained as soon as possible (not slow, stuck, slow)

Previously I used 4 plugins, namely:

• Fastest Wp cache (Minify CSS, HTML, Javacript etc.)
• Autoptimize (Minify CSS, HTML, Javacript etc.)
• WP Smush (Compress Image)
• WP Optimize (Clear Revision and Cache Table)

Read: How to Install the plugin here, it can be directly searched from the directory or installed through files that have been downloaded first

But lately I started leaving 2 Minify Wp Fastest Cache & Autoptimize plugins and replacing them with a more powerful optimization plugin, Swift Performance Lite (just use the free one, but if it’s paid I recommend buying the premium version because it’s very powerful when I try the version premium
Whereas for WP Smush there are other alternatives such as Imagify or Short Pixel but the use of both is very limited and you have to upgrade to the Premium version

So here I only use 3 plugins for the speed of my website

Swift Performance Pro (I just recommend using the free version first)
WP Smush
WP Optimize

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There are no special settings for the three plugins because Swift Performance itself has an Auto Configuration feature that you can choose to optimize the speed of your website.

The above display will appear when the Swift Performance plugin is first activated, select auto config and wait until the optimization process is complete
For Wp Optimize, please create a schedule by checking the checkbox in the settings and selecting the time range. I suggest once a week / weekly (see picture)

or you can use the manual method as shown below. Check the All Checkbox and select the Run button, all selected optimizations

The last one is Smush. After this plugin is activated, activate Automatically Smush and select Bulk Smush Now


1. From personal experience there is a problem after activating Swift Performance on webhosting that uses Apache technology. I suggest using web hosting that uses Litespeed technology like Hawkhost,Godaddy and other hosting (read the recommendations here). Actually Litespeed itself has a similar plugin, but my advice is friends use the Swift Performance plugin only because the Litespeed cache interface is too difficult
2. For the speed test I do not prioritize results from GTMetrix or Pingdom, but I immediately test the loading speed using the Page Load Time extension (try to load time <5 seconds), Score GT Metrix and Pingdom are not absolutely the main benchmark but try to be on above number 85
3. For maximum results use Cloudfare (download the guide here)

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