How to install the theme and plug-ins

Good in my article, this is how to install WordPress themes and plug-ins, please study the rankings in carefully.

How to install wordpress theme

• Open the admin admin panel via and enter your username and password

• Once you are on the dashboard, please select the Appearance menu – Themes (you can use Indonesian to adjust) will be directed to the next page

• If you would like to add a new topic, please select the Add new menu and you will be directed to the next step. There are two options to install the theme, we upload the profile files that we downloaded before (and stored on your laptop / PC). Most of those who use this method are distinct topics we buy from developers such as GeneratePress Pro, Genesis Framework, and Mythemeshop (my recommendation). While the second option is to use the free feature of the wordpress directory

• We take the example that uses the first method (load the subject). Select the Download topic – Choose File

• Find attribute files stored on your computer / laptop (using compressed files). Select the file and press the Open button

• You will then be returned to the previous list that already contains the file directory that we will download

• Select the installation now and wait for the process to finish. Select “Activate” and you will be returned to the main control panel

The final results can be seen in the image below

• Select Customize for more attribute settings
• Add: For those who want to install the topic directly from the directory, please type the keywords you want to use. look at the picture

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• Drag the mouse towards the subject / template you want until two buttons appear, namely the installation and preview (it is best to preview it to see what it looks like before choosing the install button.) Then, select the installation and select the Activate button

How to Install WordPress Plugin

In fact to install the plugin is almost the same as installing the theme only the difference between the plugin does not have a preview (usually only screenshots of the developer in the details options)

You can download plug-ins from files and plug-ins from the directory

Thank you.

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  2. Nice stuff.A big Thank You!My favorite themes are Mins and Gonzo.If we talk about professional developers in my opinion KlasikThemes and Arwenita should be mentioned.

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